The Optimistic Diaries | Week 1

Following on from my previous post about my theme for this year being ‘optimism’ I decided that it would be a good idea to blog my progress.

Last week was my first – almost – full week back at my rented place. It’s been pretty mixed so far but focusing on the positives, I came back earlier on in the week for a job interview. A few days later I received a call saying I had the job. With mixed feelings I accepted and am happy it allows me to pay the bills and stay in the area I am currently in.

In other news last week I have enjoyed spending time with my two boys (guinea pigs – don’t judge) again and have been enjoying lots of cuddle and play time!

The week ended with me and my partner having a pretty big argument, which may not sound very positive at all but, we have an ability to talk about things well (see positive!) and once we do this we are able to resolve arguments and it makes us able to understand each other better.

Although there have been times where it’s been hard to remain positive, and in terms of optimism you could say I failed miserably, however, they aren’t failures, they are learning curves and writing this has allowed me to reflect and find the positives that I previously wouldn’t of been able to find.

Are any of you trying a similar thing? How are you doing with resolutions?



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