The optimistic diaries | Week 2

Hello all, 

I have to admit that this week it has been really hard trying to stay positive. I’ve lost one of my special rings as I was cleaning out my guinea pigs, stupid wearing it some of you may say! In a way yes it was, but I wear my rings 24/7 and have never had an issue with them falling off. They are like a second skin to me and in all honesty I don’t really think about taking them off, ever. So the start of my week consisted of me going through a bag of fresh guinea pig crap, two hutches and a 9.5 kg bag of hay……no luck and unfortunately it still hasn’t turned up. Although I have a gut feeling I will find it I’m wondering when this will be! 

This week I’ve also been pretty muddled as to what I want to do with my life, if you saw my previous post I explained more there. However as the weeks gone on I’ve made some pretty important decisions and had a lovely visit from my partner where we watched all three films in the divergent series! I recommend as we really enjoyed them 🙂 

The decisions I made were potential career based ones, and I’ve decided that I would like to try out a position as a Teaching assistant and if I like it to persue the training to become a primary teacher. At the moment this is what I thought would be best for me and would allow me to enjoy life more. 

How are you guys getting on with your resolutions? Have you got any goals for this year? 


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