The Optimistic Diaries |Week 3

Hello all,

Last week I was surprised to find that overall I felt more positive than I have in a while. I guess more opportunities are starting to present themselves and I finally feel as though there could be something to look forward too.

My weekend was like any weekend, not much going on, but I found that I enjoyed the chilled time a bit more, I enjoyed a nice walk and enjoyed wrapping up in my warm scarf and coat and just sticking my headphones on and getting lost in my music. I even started colouring again which is something I haven’t sat down and done in a while. Saturday night featured one of the longer face-timing sessions with my best friend who lives a fair distance away, totaling a nice three hours it was nice to have a laugh whilst being able to do our own thing.

Me on my walk and the frozen pond I encountered!

Last week also allowed me to get my hands on a couple of liquid lipstick kits that Revolution have pre-released and to my surprise my partner offered to buy me two with the promise that I wear one when we see each other next. (Happy me!)

My two lip colours πŸ™‚

I am pleased that this week I have made progress and have been ale to think more about the positives, although of course it is still hard but I have surprised myself this week which I guess is a positive in itself.

How have you guys been getting on? Are you still keeping with your resolutions?

PS: Check out my beauty blog to see what I think of the lip colours πŸ™‚ (


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