Getting organized | Useful tips

I think I am the first to admit that although I can be organized, sticking to it is another thing entirely! I do however find that the process of getting organized can help me to feel less stressed and more prepared, plus I love stationary! Although my parents will laugh at this post here are my tips to help you get organized…staying organized is up to you!

  1. Get a diary – If you’re one of those people who can use the diary on your phone then…well done you! I personally can’t and feel as though I’m not as organized and to be perfectly honest it really doesn’t help me. A diary or planner can be shoved in your bag, on your desk and you can have multiple ones and ones of all different sizes and layouts suited to you. I got a Filofax when I was at Uni and haven’t regretted it since! Although they are more expensive initially you can buy cheap refills for them. 
  2. Post-it – Post-it notes are one of my favourite stationary items! Unfortunately now I don’t have too many options to use them but they were my saviors at Uni, revision notes and things to do, literally anything went on these notes and these notes went anywhere around my room. Just rip them off when you’ve finished with them!
  3. A To-do List – You can buy these in different sizes and styles, some of them come in little books with additional sticky notes and others come as an A4 pad. Whatever size these lists are really good for tracking what you need to do and when, it also makes you more motivated to finish the list as crossing them off makes you feel as though you have actually accomplished something. 
  4. Mini Notebooks – I always used to try and stick one of these in my bag, it makes it easy to jot ideas down, sudden realizations of things you don’t want to forget and even to keep or write a shopping list when you’re out. 
  5. Colour co-ordinate – I LOVE colour coordinating and it always makes me feel super organized and well put together. I also find I tend to look at and tick things off more.
  6. Write things in multiple places – I wrote important deadlines, dates and important things to do across all of these because I looked at least one of them throughout the day.

These were the top tips that I can give for being more organized. I used these and they’ve worked for me.

What are your tips for being organized? Have you used any of these?


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