The Optimistic Diaries | Week 6

Hello all,

This week I have found it easier to think of the positives in things. My week started off fairly well, on Monday I managed to conquer a walk into town and get myself a Costa for the journey back. I had a Chai Latte (my favourite) and I even got one of the Christmas cups, a super cute penguin!

Tuesday-Thursday evening I was alone as my landlord was out and whilst I thought I’d be bored and have no one to talk to I actually really enjoyed watching re runs of police interceptors and other police shows whilst taking part in blogger chats on twitter and even face timing my best friend for a few hours.

Wednesday I did feel less positive but I saw one of my old work colleagues for some tea and a good old chat which perked me up. For the rest of the week I focused on my blog posts and come Friday I was really looking forward to the weekend as My partner came to visit for our Valentines celebrations as we won’t see each other on the actual day. We went out for a lovely dinner and I actually really enjoyed getting dressed up to go out. Sunday saw us on the sofa with a bunch of good films! Sunday started off well with a bacon sarnie, cooked by yours truly which was followed by quite literally the day of rest, however, we did cook a lovely dinner together in the evening, consisting of Duck, potatoes and veg. Yum!

Those were the positives of my week, what did you get up too?

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