The Optimistic Diaries | Week 7

This last week has been a big week of decisions and has felt like a productive one which has been a nice change and has also allowed me to try and stay more positive. 

My big decision has been whether to move back home with my family again. My situation has meant that it will be a struggle to stay where I am and I’ve slowly realised that there aren’t as many career opportunities for me in the area I’m in. This means that yes I am moving home over the next few weeks or so which is sad as I’ll miss the people up here and being with my boys 24/7. My partners parents have however allowed them to stay in their garden, for which I will always be grateful for. 

This week I have seen a lot of one of my old work colleagues and we get on so well it has been nice enjoying cups of teas and painting nails! She’s even taken me out for lunch and we had a cheeky burger! Definitely yum! I’ve also enjoyed some time alone during the evenings and have had a lot of FaceTime sessions with my best friend. We also had a mini date and watched Anastasia….no judging we are adults…..

I have also enjoyed the time with my boys this week although one of them managed to wind himself so I placed him on a watch in my room! He did enjoy the extra cuddles….

Overall it’s been a nicer week so far and I’m hoping it will carry on! 


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