The best hot drinks for winding down

I am such a hot drink person, I love tea and have pretty much any tea you could want, mint, green, normal, fruity, the lot! This also extends to hot chocolates and other hot drinks too and since I normally have one tucked up in bed I thought why not do a post on it! 

To start with tea. It was really hard choosing tea as I have so many but the ones I tend to go for in the evenings are either a lady grey or the chamomile and spice apple or cherry and cinnamon but I don’t have a box for this! I find these teas in particular warming and calming and help to chill me out in the evenings whilst I’m reading or watching YouTube. 

Next up are my Horlicks. My all time favourite is the chocolate one as it’s not really chocolatey but is creamy and light, the original horlicks I also like and tastes like you are having a bowl full of non chocolate coated malteasers! I also find these calming but also because they are thicker than tea more filling so they leave you feeling satisfied. 

I don’t normally drink these before bed but I thought I’d chuck them in for the coffee lovers amongst you! I really like lattes but I couldn’t see a decaf version, however I put some milk in this to make it creamier and since they’re decaf they won’t make you buzz before bed! Unless of course you are effected by sugar…

Hot chocolate….boy do I have and have tried soooo many! I used to have a coconut one which was really nice too but I used it! My all time favourite was the Turkish delight one but it was limited edition 😔 my next one is the white chocolate options as it’s creamy but not too thick so it’s not sickly! I’m not a big white chocolate fan so this surprised me…. the sachets I get to try flavours, the cherry one is again a favourite but they seemed to have stopped doing that one now…ggrrrr! The others I really like too although I find the salted caramel one heavier than the others so I’m more selective about when I have these. Hot chocolate is one of those things that just puts you in a cozy mood I think, when it’s cold or you want to snuggle up they tend to be on the menu and that’s exactly what mood they put me in, I normally snuggle in a blanket and enjoy one of these before bed and feel sleepy and full after! 

So these are my go to relaxing drinks, what are yours? Do you have something you do to chill out before bed? Let me know! 


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