The Optimistic Diaries | Week 8

Hello all,

Week 8 has been a mediocre week, pretty chilled as well as being relatively productive. I have enjoyed doing the little things this week and have actually really enjoyed spending the time on my own as well as face timing my partner and best friend. There have been a few moments where I have thought ‘what’s the point?’ but overall I have found the joy in little things such as finishing my book and doing some colouring.

The start of the week I started to sort out all the junk in my room ready for the move back home at the end of the week. I got rid of a lot of old beauty stuff and was pretty proud of myself as for some reason I get attached to things easily so getting rid of stuff is hard! I didn’t do as well with my clothes but I am determined to go back through them and get rid of more were I can. I also managed to finish a double spread colouring pattern and I really like the way it turned out. I also finished my book American Psycho which I really enjoyed but found it very different to the crime novels I normally read which felt good to read something different to what I normally do.

Mid week I also treated myself to a Lush bath and used the twilight bath bomb as it is one of my favorites!

Since I am moving at the end of Feb I won’t be with my boys 24/7 so I have been making the most of my time with them. There have been a few days this week where they have wanted a lot of cuddles, which I am more than happy to give! Below is a picture of Diesel, I tucked him up in my hoodie and stroked his head and he actually went off to sleep! I felt pretty good about this as it is rare that Guinea Pigs shut their eyes as naturally they are very alert. I thought he looked soooo cute and luckily I managed to get a picture!

One of my favourite moments with my other Guinea Pig, Percy is when I was led on my bed and he came over and cuddled up to me, he himself went off to sleep for a bit but I never got chance to get a picture!

The end of my week was slightly less positive as my skin isn’t amazing at the moment, I’m assuming this is due to stress but we shall see! I did however, see my friend and enjoy some cups of tea and donuts….ooppsss! In addition I also managed to finish another colouring pattern, this time a more simple one but I liked the end result nonetheless. I did the majority of this whilst watching re-runs of Police Interceptors which I have always enjoyed.

My partner came to visit me Sunday so this rounded off my week nicely as it was lovely to see him which felt really positive.

Week 9 will give me a challenge with moving back home as I feel pretty mixed about this, however I am trying to stay positive about it as it will mean I can see my family and partner more. It will also hopefully give me the opportunity to progress in my career.

I hope your week has been good and I wish you all the best for this week!


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