The Optimistic Diaries | Week 10

Hello all!

It’s week ten already….wow!

This week has been a positive one for me and one that I have really enjoyed overall. I went back to my Uni days to Luton to visit my best friend and we had a lot of fun.

Monday was fairly chilled and I tidied away and unpacked more stuff, so not much to report here! Tuesday saw me unpack more stuff but also allowed me to see my two little boys who are staying at my partners house, we had lots of cuddles and it was a relief to see them, even if one of them was on a hunger strike on his dried food, which I am pleased to report has finished!

Wednesday was packing day! And skipping to the evening and when my friend came to pick me up. The way back we did what we always do, play music and sing really loudly to songs which are probably really ‘uncool’ for us to listen too…because it was so late by the time we got back we just went to sleep! Thursday morning came and my little niece Millie (her dog) came bounding in straight up onto the bed for some good old morning cuddles. Croissants swiftly followed then the rest of the day was spent walking around town and getting food for our meals we had planned. 

Friday morning she treated me to a cheeky and very naughty breakfast at Cream’s which is a dessert place. and in true tradition we spent the rest of the day having a wander round the town looking in all the shops and of course getting excited about various makeup finds. The evening consisted of Dr Strange, Pizza and makeup, a very good evening in my opinion! 

Saturday, apparently turned out to be our day of rest and was spent in pj’s watching the Riverdale series on Netflix and eventually getting a McDonald’s drive thru….yes we were still in our pj’s! That evening was the sad time for me to leave but surprisingly I was able to hang onto the fact that we had had a really good few days and still had our own version of careoke to do.

Sunday was more chilled and I got to see my partner and my boys who thankfully got a clean out and a few treats from me!

Some may think that week 10 has been more of an ‘escape’ week and maybe that is right, but at the same time I feel as though having that break from everything has made me feel more refreshed and prepared to get on with the things I need to do in this coming week.

I can’t say that I feel completely proud of myself as I think week 10 was easier to be more positive, it was busy, fun and tiring but in a good way, although I am trying my best to carry this into week 11 with all the gusto I can manage!

How have your weeks been?



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