Long distance relationship | Date night ideas!

Hello all,

Being in a long distance relationship can be hard. Sometimes it can feel like a friendship more than a relationship, mostly I guess because the physical activities are a no go zone, unless you can meet up often.

With this in mind I thought I’d share some ideas for how to create your own date nights to make sure you still do these kinds of activities together.

Skype and Facetime play a big part in being able to see each other, sometimes Skype is nicer as you can share screens with each other and also split screen so you can do multiple things at once. One of the things me and my partner do is to watch something together, whether that be a film, TV show or just a video on YouTube, its nice to be able to do something we would normally do when we are actually together. Set aside an evening and plan what you are going to watch as, if you are anything like me and my partner you will spend half the evening actually deciding what to watch!

Play a game together! Some apps on the iPhone allow you to send each other ‘play requests’ so games like solitaire, 2042 etc can actually be played together for a bit. Although I have to say they can finish really quickly as you don’t get the same options as the single player!

Do a common interest together. Again Skype or Facetime is useful here! Me and my partner often listen to music and colour/draw at the same time. This is something we both enjoy in the evenings and is quite relaxing! Again set a day and time and spend a few hours with no phones (except whatever you are using to see each other on…) and just spend some time doing what you both like. It can be really relaxing and hilarious if you end up singing really badly like me…

Setting a full-blown date night! And I mean the works, pizza, sweets, popcorn the lot! Set up your room so its nice and cozy, snuggle up in some pj’s and enjoy! Me and my partner have done this and both ordered a dominoes before for the same time and watched a couple of films throughout the evening. We did exactly what we would do if we meet up and spend a night in together. Doing the full blown thing will help to make you feel closer to each other and make it feel more like an occasion.







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