The Optimistic Diaries| Week 11

Hello all,

I hope your week as been ok. I can’t believe I am on week 11 already! I feel as though it was only a few days ago that I decided to launch this series on my blog! Overall this week hasn’t been too bad, although I have struggled more to stay positive.

The beginning of the week was pretty good, I saw my boys and they had a good clean out!

I have also been cooking this week and have made a Corned Beef Hash, Jelly and a Bacon and Broccoli Macaroni. I was pretty pleased with myself!

Mid week came the onset of the usual self doubt and life doubt in general and although the week in general wasn’t bad I did struggle with staying positive. I tried to enjoy things as much as I could, seeing my partner and boys a couple of evenings and spending more time with my family in the evenings.

The weekend wasn’t too bad, I spent it with my partner at his and Friday evening we went to the pub with his parents which was fun! Saturday evening I had dinner with my family as my mum made a dinner for a St. Patrick’s day tribute, mostly for my granddad as he was Irish. The meal was lovely, beef cooked in Guinness with mashed potato with greens and spring onion (I can’t remember what the Irish name for this was…) and a Mango and White Chocolate homemade cheesecake for dessert!

Sunday I ended up needed an emergency trip to the shops for some jeans! I had a moment in the dressing room where I realised that I should really start exercising again…yes I did do a post saying I will be starting a regime a few months ago… no I never started it… As a result of my changing room incident I have vowed to start which I am hoping to do tomorrow once I get my weights. I have already started drinking more water with lemon slices so hopefully this time I will be able to keep you updated!

What have you guys been up too?



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