My view on body image.

‘Am I healthy for my body type?’

Hello all,

Recently I have been seeing a lot of accounts, Instagram and Twitter, talking about body image and mental health. There have been some embracing curves, some showing off their toned physiques and others sharing some very hard truths about their struggles with body image.

All these accounts have got me thinking about social media and how body image is portrayed. My personal belief is that everyone has different body types and all should be embraced, as long as they are healthy. I would like to point out that although I am definitely pro this point, I struggle with my own body image and am definitely in the majority that looks at models and fitness accounts and thinks ‘if only’. I would like to point out that I am aware that there are different causes for eating disorders and body image struggles, I am merely focusing on social media due to its prominence in our lives.

As much as I enjoy reading different people’s stories and journeys it really saddens me that people will voice their opinion in the wrong way. Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion and it is, in most circumstances, good that everyone has their own mind but the comments people make on accounts or images based on body image really truly shocked me. An account I follow features a curvy girl, hips, boobs and bum, a Kim Kardashian type figure, the desirable hourglass. Yet the comments I saw featured the words fat, unhealthy, lazy and disgusting. Flip this over to another account featuring a girl documenting her struggle with anorexia and people are telling her that she needs to be a better role model like she used to be, she needs to eat more and stop struggling against her feeds, she’s too skinny. WHAT??? I am so disappointed in the people posting these comments that it genuinely made me angry and upset. I started thinking about my body image and my thoughts.

I am a petite 5,2-3 and have an hourglass figure. I have boobs and smaller waist, bigger hips, and not a massive bum. There are, of course, things I really want to change, mostly tone up my stomach and bum so I feel more comfortable in myself. I am not fat but I am by no means toned, yet it has taken me a long time to truly believe this myself. It is then it struck me that for me and my body I am bigger than I used to be and than I have been. This just means that I need to put more work into my body and do more exercise. It then of course dawned on me that instead of promoting a certain body type and portraying a version of ‘healthy’ the media and clothing brands should be portraying healthy figures as we all come in different shapes and sizes.

For those who are struggling with their body image because they think they are too fat or too thin, look at yourself and ask ‘am I healthy for my body type?’ That is the question we should be thinking about. My sister for example is taller, skinny and is pretty much straight with a good bum. Some people have said she’s too skinny, however, she has always been like this, she eats, she loves chocolate and is perfectly healthy for her and her body type.

My point being is that there are girls and men alike who are naturally more curvy, bigger, smaller, skinnier, taller, and quite frankly are body types we can’t have. For example I will never be able to be my sisters body type, I am simply not built like that, although I wish I had her bum it is just no possible for me to become as skinny as she is and if I ever could I think I would look ridiculous! Just the same as she can’t magically move her hip bones to make them similar to mine. IT JUST WON’T HAPPEN!

Of course we all have days where we look at ourselves and thing ERGH! but I want you to go away from this post and think ‘am I healthy for me?’. If the answer is yes then good! If the answer is no then think sensibly about what you need to do, do you need to eat more? do you need to balance your diet more? exercise? It’s important to recognize what you need to do for you, not what is portrayed in the media.

For me my fitness journey begins with a small amount of cardio then toning up the areas I wish could be better for my figure. I eat a balanced diet but do snack a lot so I will try to cut as many snacks out of my daily routine. I also like pizza way too much so that will be monitored too! Maybe I’ll buy one instead of getting a Dominoes 😉

What do you guys think of this? Do you agree?


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