Anxiety vs Logic | The ongoing debate

Hello all!

Yesterday I saw a Thomas Sanders video which featured him personifying the debate between ‘logic’ and ‘anxiety’ and thought that this is what happens to me on a daily basis and recently I’d like to think that my ‘logic’ side has been consistently winning…for how long I don’t know, but so far it has been a useful tool when dealing with anxious thoughts so I thought I would share it.

When you are anxious, or if you suffer from anxiety, you will instantly assume the worst and overthink/play the situation at hand whether it be a simple decision such as what earrings to wear or a much more difficult decision like what car to buy. Now, I am going to try and keep this post more light hearted rather than enter into a deep conversation, hence why I chose those examples. However, this does not detract from my point that logic can help anxious thoughts.

There have been many a time…many, many, many a time over the past years where my anxious thoughts have overridden my brain and ruined either the situation I am in and/or made me feel even worse. Recently I have been trying to out argue this side of myself with logic and, so far, I would say it has really helped. For example, when choosing a pair of earrings sometimes the sheer quantity of the amount you may have could make you anxious, the event, people around you, what you are wearing, whether they will be comfortable all come into play and just fuel the anxious part of your mind. Often such a  small decision such as earrings becomes a mammoth task you have to overcome and, if you are anything like me, often a vote from those around me is what forms my decision. For me personally, this decision would be heavily affected by those around me. For example, if my parents had bought me one set of earrings and my sister another I would feel bad for that person if I didn’t wear them. This may sound stupid but that is what happens and this would then become a fight in my mind over who’s I had worn recently etc.

*breathe breathe breathe*

Queue LOGIC. Both of these sets of earrings are ones which I really love and realistically the people who I love know that I love both pairs of earrings regardless of what earrings I decide to wear on that day. Also I think its safe to say that, unless you have two lobe piercings, you can only wear one pair which is logic in itself. You see?

I have found that breaking these decisions down and constantly going over the process helps to quieten the anxious part of me and help me actually make a decision. Constantly repeating this process every time I become anxious has really helped me to control it more. Whilst this may not be the most useful example I hope you can see where I am coming from. Anxiety can have a point in itself, it just doesn’t put them across reasonably. Logic, and eventually reality, help to simplify the point that anxiety is trying to make and tone it down, that way you feel less anxious and have dealt with the thought/situation effectively.


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