My 23rd Birthday | What I did

Hi all!

As of the 4th of July I became the ripe old age of 23. Yes. 23. I am not sure how this happened but there it is, 23 years old…

If i’m honest this year I wasn’t feeling particularly celebratory. I did not have the birthday feeling and haven’t been able to properly celebrate yet as my mum is recovering from an operation.

I have to say the night before wasn’t the best either but to avoid making this post negative I am going to skip over that and tell you that I kicked my birthday eve off by watching a Steven Seagal film with my parents. Steven Seagal films are some of my favourites, they are films I usually enjoy and had recently just bought the box set so on one went! My sister was out that evening and I have to say I actually really enjoyed spending time with just my parents, I don’t remember the last time I did that!

The morning came and a cup of tea and brioche were waiting for me, along with a balloon and present from my parents. I got some gorgeous white gold twisted small hoop earrings. I love them! My favourite length of earring is around that size, the drop earrings that hang just below your ear. I also got a mug with Guinea Pigs on which I absolutely love and have never seen this one in the collection before.

My dad dropped me round at my partners and I excitedly opened his present, the theme was ‘you only have one life’, him encouraging me to do things that I would like to do and set goals to work towards. I got a ‘Hot guys’ calender which has my name with a hot topless guy on every month, a gorgeous notebook and an experience day where I still need to decide what I’m going to do! Bless him πŸ™‚ <3.

For my birthday my partner and me took a day off work to go somewhere and, in true 23 year old style, I chose… THE ZOO! I love animals and haven’t been to the zoo in ages so off we went to Whipsnade zoo. The day was so lovely, we spent the whole day there and walked around every single animal enclosure there. Of course some of the animals we never got to see but the elephants were a highlight of the day as we were just in time to see them being fed. There were a lot of females and two younger elephants who came out holding each others tails! It was such a magical sight to see, and although that seems cliche, its always amazing to me how they interact with each other. The baby even found a ball to play with and started kicking it round the enclosure whilst running along after it! It was quite a sight to see.

Coming back from the zoo I decided that our dinner would be a picnic in the garden! A trip to Sainsburys later and we were armed and ready with all the picnic food we could manage.

Finally, to end the day I came home to see my sister and spent some time with her opening my present from her which included the Aladdin 3 film box set, a tribute to our favourite past time film when we were younger, a set of chokers and an elephant teddy to replace the one I lost at my previous job. She gave this teddy to me when I first went off to Uni so I ‘wouldn’t forget her’. I was gutted to not be able to get it back so she has kindly replaced it πŸ™‚

Overall it was such a good day and am looking forward to celebrating with my family when my mum has recovered.

What do you guys have planned for your birthdays?

Speak soon! x



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