American Psycho | Bret Easton Ellis

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I have another book review for you this week. The last one I did got some great feedback so thank you all for that! If you haven’t seen it yet and would like to then click here. I have always been intrigued by this book but over the past year I started to gain more interest in it when it came up in my Audible suggestions. I wanted to read the book first though before I listened to it so it went down on my Christmas list! I was lucky enough to get it and quickly started it.

  • Genre – Crime/Thriller
  • Title – American Psycho
  • Author – Bret Easton Ellis
  • Rating – 3.5/5

The book is set during the 1980’s and focus’s around consumerism and a wealthy group of individuals, in particular Patrick Bateman. Patrick is depicted from the offset as a ladies man and the definition of a psychopath. Charming and charismatic on the outside but inward he has no empathy or compassion for others. In fact quite a lot of the characters in the book don’t really care about a great deal other than themselves and materialistic items. There are often pages of descriptions about what Patrick and his ‘friends’ are wearing and how much they are spending which puts a big emphasis on materialism.

Initially Patrick is not depicted as a psychopath as such, more of a rich, bored guy who takes drugs and sex in his spare time. It is throughout the book that his psychopathic tendencies make their appearance. These slowly build from beatings of homeless men and the women who he sleeps with. Eventually these beatings escalate to much more graphic scenes of murder of multiple people, mainly women. As these escalate the way that Patrick narrates also becomes more erratic, sadistic and seemingly confused as to who he is.

I have to say that I read a LOT of crime books and non have been as gruesomely realistic as this when explaining the sex and murder scenes as this one. I for one wasn’t put off by this but I am pretty sure that some people would be. I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting this, the way the scenes are told means you can imagine every single detail of what goes on as they are told from Patrick’s perspective, no empathy and objectifying the women, comparing them to a chicken at points. Saying this, I did find them well written, Patrick went from a bored, rich, stuck up guy to being a character that becomes dangerous and intriguing at the same time. You find yourself wanting to know more about him and what he is going to do next.

The first half of the book I found slow and although I understand why, didn’t find the descriptions of what designers the characters were wearing and the price of food very enthralling. I felt as though there were some that went on for way too long when it wasn’t necessary. An example of this was that for four pages Patrick discussed his thoughts on the first Whitney Houston album. FOUR PAGES. Why do I need to know this??? Is what I kept thinking, although luckily this was probably one of the longer sections where this happened. Apart from this I found the book to be very well written, I felt as though the internal monologues from Patrick helped to connect me with him and follow his journey his way, which I have to say is like no other I have ever read. Once I got to the last few pages there was a part of me that was pleased I had pushed on through the materialism and finished, but the other part wanted to carry on to see what Patrick did next.

I don’t feel as though the 3.5 I had to give this book is good enough to represent the way it was written, however, there were times where I really struggled to stay with the book which is why I couldn’t give this a 4/5. Saying this I would recommend this as there is a reason this book is cult status! I would warn anyone who doesn’t like graphic torture, rape/sex and murder scenes to proceed with caution, particularly towards the end of the book.

What are your thoughts on this book? Would you consider reading it?



Disclaimer | Renee Knight

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I decided I want to start getting back into book reviews. I am such an avid reader and I set up a category within my blog for books, however, shamefully there is only one on there! So today I decided to re-start, not that I ever really started, the book category. Disclaimer is a book I actually first heard about on Audible. Since then I was waiting to pick it up in store, which I finally did!

  • Genre – Thriller
  • Title – Disclaimer
  • Author – Renee Knight
  • Rating – 4/5

‘Imagine if the next thriller you opened was all about you’.

This quote is on the front of the book and is what attracted me to it in the first place. The story centers around the main protagonist Catherine who picks up a book only to find that it is about her and a secret she has kept hidden for years…until now…

The book opens right at the point Catherine recognizes herself in the book and this sets the scene for the next few chapters. As you can imagine the book starts off pretty fast paced and you are thrown into the basis of the book head first. Throughout the book the chapters switch between the present and the past, each recounting versions around the event which, throughout the majority of the book you are lead to believe that Catherine is in the wrong and that she kept her secret to protect herself.

As the book continues and more and more characters become integrated into the novel the true events slowly begin to unravel which leads to a shocking twists to finish on.

The actual book itself I found mostly fast paced and the only bit I struggled with was after the first few chapters of the book, as it started so quickly I was left wondering where it could possibly expand to! The feeling didn’t last too long though and I ended up really enjoying the book and the progression. Although I enjoyed the book I did find that some of the character development was lacking, the husband for example had minimal development and background yet he suddenly became a figure you both hated and sympathized with at the same time who then became more insignificant at the end. I also found that Catherine’s son Nick lack lustre, he annoyed me throughout the book an I felt as though he was skimmed over especially at the point of finding out he takes drugs, I kept wondering why as although he didn’t have a close relationship to Catherine initially there was no explanation for him suddenly taking drugs and struggling to maintain a job.

Overall I would still recommend this book to anyone who is interested as the end for me was so gripping and made me forget my initial frustrations with the characters, completely redeeming it to a 4/5! For comparison this book has been compared to Gone Girl, and although I see some similarities, dark secret, troubled marriage, I am not completely  convinced it is comparable. Saying this I cannot think of a book I have read that is comparable.

Have you read this? What do you think? Let me know your thoughts below 🙂

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn 

New category for this blog! 

I started this because books are a passion of mine, I love reading them, feeling them and smelling them so I thought it only apt! 

Naturally with the release of the film I became curious to investigate all the hype. I havnt yet watched the film as I wanted to read the book first. 

I did have expectations, I thought it would be fast paced and gripping and whilst I enjoyed it very much I didn’t find it to be either of these. It was slower than I expected but the writing was spectacular. The story was complicated and well thought out yet written effortlessly. The character of Amy I thought was the most complicated and intricate and unexpected yet psychotic. Although you know you shouldn’t like Amy, you can’t help but feel for her, we’ve all been in the position where we become different versions of ourselves and unfortunately possibly cheated on, the character delved into the dark unspoken areas of relationships. Amy’s character is complicated, twisted and manipulative which is in stark contrast to Nicks character being straight forward, simple and unassuming. In short the story is a complicated twist of a relationship where Amy sets out to unravel Nick with surprising results…